How to Track and Locate Your Lost iPhone?

How to Track and Find Your Lost iPhone

Have you lost your brand new phone? Moreover was it a brand new and costly iPhone? If yes, then I’m really sorry to hear that. Well, like other journalists I won’t ask you not to worry but I can try to help you for sure. First things first. Weather, you have dropped your iPhone somewhere or it is stolen, you may contact the authorities first.

Next, we can try to use the tracking services of your iPhone to locate it. But don’t expect it will be helpful all the time. This feature works good but it has limitations too. And if someone who is familiar with an iPhone has stolen your device, then you might be in serious problem. We will talk about the limitations later but right now it is more important to locate your lost phone. Follow the steps below to track your phone.

Please Note: The following procedure will not work if your iPhone is in Airplane mode or it does not have an active Internet connection.

How to Track and Locate lost iPhone?

  • First, go to
  • Now enter your Apple ID and Password.
  • If you have two-factor authentication enabled, you will get your code on your Apple devices. But as your phone is lost and in case it is your only Apple device, just click on Find My iPhone. You will find it below the input box of your secure code.
  • If you already performed the above step, skip the one below.
  • Once you log in, you will see your dashboard. Click on Find My iPhone.
  • If it asks you to sign in, enter your Apple ID and Password once again.
  • Click on All Devices it will open a drop down list. Now select the phone which you want to locate.
  • If you have location services enabled, you will be able to see where is your phone right now. But in case it is turned off, you can enable Lost Mode. Enabling Lost Mode will also enable location services on your iPhone.
  • Now Enter the phone number where one will be able to notify you if he/she finds your phone and click next.
  • Now Enter the message you want to show on your lost iPhone and click done.
  • Your iPhone will now show your phone number and the message which you chose.
  • Finally, on Find My iPhone you will see the location of your lost iPhone.

We at PageSwype advise you to inform your local authorities first once you get the location data. It is not at all safe and recommendable to go after a thief or their gang alone.

In case if your phone is somewhere nearby or within the room, you can also try the Play Sound option. It will play a sound on your iPhone which will help you to easily locate it.

And if nothing works, and you can’t do anything with your lost iPhone, as the last option, you can Erase it to hide your data from the thief. Also before doing it make sure, if you erase your phone you will not be able to get any location data of it further.

This tutorial can be really helpful in some cases. But as I said earlier, it has limitations too. A thief, familiar with iPhones can easily reset it. Furthermore, throwing out your sim card will stop the Internet services which means you will not get any further location data. In these cases, only your authority can help you.

I hope this tutorial will help you to find your lost iPhone. If it does please share your thoughts in the comments and share the article.



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